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Mr. Shupperd

¡Hola! My name is Trent Shupperd. Most people know me as Profe, which is short for Professor in Spanish. I teach Spanish and upper level Mathematics here for Indiana University. I have been married 35 years to Donna, who works at ECSC as an instructional assistant in the SPED department. We have one dog, Bella.  
I am a Math teacher by training, but I teach Spanish now also. I learned Spanish doing missionary work and I have taught all levels of math in Spanish and English.
I enjoy teaching and living here in Edinburgh. Because of the classes I teach, I see the best students the school has to offer. I enjoy the students I get to have in class and I love hearing about their successes after they graduate. I also enjoy traveling. We have lived in many places (moved over 30 times) and I have enjoyed the experiences along the way. We have visited many countries and  I even hiked 600 miles through a part of it in 2013. We plan to continue to explore and experience new places.